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A good nightlife is necessary if a city is to have a proper art scene! So we decided to start hosting parties! And what better place to do it than South Holland with its exciting and varied electronic music scene.

Time to introduce Friday TV; a video hub for the art and nightlife of Rotterdam and The Hague.

On Friday 23rd of August, the terrace of Locatie Z in The Hague became the spot for our first event. Drinks, BBQ, and Börk‘s bangers for a chill sunny evening.

We aim to create a portfolio of different DJs in the area.

So here is an hour of the first set. We hope you enjoy it!

We are starting Friday Sets with Berk Duygun, who also happened to organize this whole event with us.

Börk and his alliance Royal Surf Club are making new mixes and mashups to bring back rare forgotten songs which should have become hits but couln’t find their space among the mainstream trends. Some of these tunes were ahead of their times, and some were way too late.

While setting everything up half of the sound system fell into the canal and at 12 the police showed up attracted to our small BBQ party. Nevertheless, we still had a great evening.

We would like to thank all the party people from The Hague and Rotterdam that came and specially the filming crew (Frank Herben and Lu-Hao), Locatie Z, and Siem Steeb for joining Berk’s set with some awesome beats.

Looking forward to organizing more events and posting more content in the coming weeks!

Photos by Frank Herben;

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Friday TV - Börk DJ SET - Every day is Friday
10 months ago

[…] is Berk Duygun again. We already filmed him back in August when we hosted our first party. But today’s track selection is all about […]