Naughty Boat Party Sets

Sometime in October 2019, Carlos met Miriam Flores at an event. Miriam is a Brazilian techno DJ that moved to the city of Rotterdam over 20 years ago. She recently bought an old cargo boat, drove it to the city, and turned it into her house. After checking out its massive and unused basement, there was no way we could not throw a party here.

Another two-month journey started with the goal of turning the ship into the most unique dancefloor in town. The Naughty Boat Party project was born.

After months of preparations, everything worked out. 12 hours of nonstop music from DJs from around the country, our dream to organize an event at the space previously used by BAR came true, and 100% of pre-sale tickets (260 in total) sold out before the event.

We hope you enjoy the sets from the party!

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