Friday TV – Börk DJ SET #2

December 13th, 2019. Royal Surf Club, Every day is Friday, and many more art initiatives host ‘Life After the Warm Up’. A club in The Hague is turned into an underground beach club with 5 tons of sand with an innovative DJ booth in the middle of the space and an artificial sun to create day-to-night cycles throughout the party.

Here is Berk Duygun again. We already filmed him back in August when we hosted our first party. But today’s track selection is all about RAVES.

”Börk draws his inspiration from mashup and dystopic cyberculture. Introducing us to the hallucenative as well as the desolate aspects of both cultures. He uses existing material as well as some of his b-side productions.”

We hope you enjoy it!

Filmed by Frank Herben at Life after the Warm Up event at The Grey Space in the Middle.

Please save the 1st of February for the grand opening of The Flamingo Club:

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