Our favourite Italo disco tracks

Written by Carlos Alan Eperon Beltrán

Friday. 1AM. With a slightly wobbly walk and with blurry vision I enter club BAR Rotterdam. It is different tonight. The music is more melodic. A bit 80s. With vocals.

This was the first time I had heard Italo disco, and it changed my life.

I am from Seville, well known for good weather, Arab architecture, flamenco, siestas, chorizo, and a lot of partying. However, club culture has hardly taken off there.

It was only when I arrived in Rotterdam that I started going to electronic music hubs like Perron, Transport or BAR. Back then it was just music until noon, no more than that.

It was not until that first Italo disco set in BAR (Moody Mehran – I believe) that I really began to feel the beat. Soon I was listening to all kinds of electronic music and turning up at all the dance floors. I was learning fast.

Italo disco is still one of my favorite genres.

It appeared in Italy in the late 70s, developed in Germany at labels like ZYX at the beginning of the 80s, and soon afterwards landed in Chicago and Detroit with songs like ‘’Dirty Talk’’.

Today I start a new series of articles focusing on my favorite tracks of the era.

  • Faces – Clio (1985)

Released in 1985 by producer Roberto Ferrante in his teenage years. With a catchy melody and vocals by Maria Chiara Perugini, ”Faces” very quickly became a hit in Milan’s night culture in the mid-80s.

  • Dirty Talk – Klein & MBO (1982)

”Dirty Talk” was the first single released by Klein & MBO in 1982. It would later influence tracks such as ”Blue Monday” (New Order) and be included on a Pet Shop Boys compilation. ”Dirty Talk” was one of the first Italo disco beats to arrive in Chicago where it became a massive hit.

  • Problèmes D’Amour – Alexander Robotnick (1983)

Produced and released by Maurizio Dami in 1983. It immediately achieved great success.

  • Troubadour – Serge Fontaine (1986)

Released in France by label Jonathan. Unfortunately, there is not much more information about this track.

  • Dancing Therapy – International Music System (1894)

Maurizio Cavalieri and Giorgio Stefani created International Music System in 1983 in Italy. ”Dancing Therapy” was released one year later. After airing in Chicago’s radio WBMX, producers from the city found inspiration in the track and it helped shape the early House scene.

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