Every day is Friday talks to Lo Fidelity

Lorenzo Diennar studies Media & Entertainment Management and is currently writing his thesis.

Sabine van Velzen works as a spatial designer for her own company ‘’MOXIE Design’’ during the week. On Fridays and Saturdays, she is known as ‘’Sabine the Party Machine’’.

Digging records obsessively, Davey de Wolff is developing a refined taste for the more challenging compositions.

Samuel Lima Silva is a huge music enthusiast and has recently been learning to mix.

Together they founded Lo Fidelity in 2018, a Rotterdam collective focused on Lo-fi house and Techno music. They have hosted both international acts and local talents from the city’s scene.

Hello guys, how are you all doing?

  • Doing good. Starting to really miss nightlife but also appreciating this extra time that we have.  – Samuel
  • Very good. – Sabine
  • Making the best out of this peculiar time. – Lorenzo

How has the current situation with Covid-19 affected the projects you were working on?

  • Obviously, we had to cancel some events. 3 parties exactly. Never fun of course but I am quite sure we’ll get another shot at those so we’re staying positive and are working on the next ones already.  – Samuel

How do you see the future of the city’s event scene after the Corona virus situation?

  • Hopefully, things will get back to normal as soon as this situation has passed. But I’m afraid that this might take a while. – Lorenzo

What is Lo-fi music? Apart from your projects, does the city offer more Lo-fi events?

  • The term ‘lofi’ or ‘low fidelity’ is used when a work of music is being recorded in lower quality than possible. This gives it more character, I think. Besides that, I believe that we are quite unique; haven’t heard of any other lo-fi events in Rotterdam yet. – Sabine

How did the project start and how many people work on it?

  • It’s the four of us: Sabine, Davey, Samuel and me. It started in 2018 when I wrote the concept for Lo Fidelity. The first priority was setting up a team. And to be honest, if either Davey, Sabine, or Samuel would have said no, I think we would not have realized the project at all! – Lorenzo

There are many music collectives in Rotterdam that throw events. What makes Lo Fidelity different to the rest?

  • We offer a unique sound and a very nice atmosphere at our parties. – Sabine
  • I think we set ourselves apart from the rest by the vibe we create, and especially by the sound that we have. The DJs that we book have barely played here. – Samuel
  • What makes us different is that we offer a refreshing sound and program artists who have mostly not played in town. – Lorenzo

Lo Fidelity hosts a program on Operator Radio. What are the criteria for choosing the artists that will play?

  • The only criteria are that artists understand the sound that we wish to represent. – Lorenzo

What is the collective’s goal long-term?

  • Organizing more parties of course and working on our Lo Fidelity music label. – Sabine
  • Hosting great parties and running a good label. – Samuel



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