Naughty Banana Radio

Naughty Banana is an annual party to celebrate Pride week in Rotterdam. For this first edition of Naughty Banana Radio we have invited two of the artists from the lineup of the Naughty Banana x Life after the Warm Up event at Weelde.

We hope you enjoy the sets with Amsterdam based DJ, Shady Lady, and Kookkamer Soundsystem from Rotterdam.



Spinning from a cargo bike, DJ Leroy will be in charge of the Roller Disco around Rotterdam.

”Leroy will turn up the party with a mixture of music that is always danceable, sometimes dark – always ravey.”


We were lucky enough to discover Rebecca’s energetic and groovy set’s at Operator Radio around a month ago and since then, having her join the program of the next event, was with no doubt, one of our goals.

”With a background in dance and theatre performance, Shady Lady’s DJ sets aren’t ordinary. She is driven to make the dance floor move as much as she does with a push for palpable and joyous tracks. Shady Lady’s usual set is teaming with emotion, colour, a sense of kitsch aesthetic but with an eclectic knowledge of disco and house music.”


Operator Radio co-founder, Jeff Solo, will also be joining us on the 18th for the Naughty Banana x Life after the Warm Up x Weelde Pride Party.

”One of the most active and diversely talented musical artists that Rotterdam has to offer, Jeff Solo has been steadily working as a DJ, producer and event programmer for the better part of a decade. With a wide range of genres at his disposal like House, Disco, Pop, Rock, Wave and Hip-Hop, Jeff is able to move crowds in any direction, while also keeping close ties with the art scene in Rotterdam.”

Photo by Mark Bolk.



”Börk draws his inspiration from mashup and dystopic cyberculture. Introducing us to the hallucenative as well as the desolate aspects of both cultures. He uses existing material as well as some of his b-side productions.”


”Jetti and Sjoerd are both active in the Rotterdam nightlife for years but they are definitely in their best habitat at the moment; together they are responsible for the music program of BAR Rotterdam. Being friends for quite a while the duo found out they can both work and DJ together very well. They played basements, bars, sunny festivals, big rooms, tiny living room settings and more so they tend to play everything they like adjusted to the surroundings they are in. Mostly they play together, sometimes alone.”

Jetti & Post will be playing a 2-hour set on the 18th.



”Originally from New York City, but now living in The Hague after completing her studies at Royal Academy of Art The Hague – KABK Den Haag. The root of Sydney’s work is photo-based, but her practice is interdisciplinary, merging performance, community-based practice, photography, and moving image installations together.”

Check out Sydney’s set from last year’s Naughty Banana Party at Hostel Room Rotterdam:


Last but not least we have Kookkamer Soundsystem.

One of our favourite upcoming duos from Rotterdam, Stijn and Sjoerd have been deejaying for the past four years at both house parties and clubs in Rotterdam.

They are also part of the FOMO Rotterdam crew which has been working very hard for the past months curating events that combine music with art.

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