Domstad Italo Squad: “We just want to spread our enthusiasm for Italo”

Koen, Nils, and Jesse started playing as Domstad Italo Squad in 2017. Their sound combines Italo disco with New Beat, Electro, Chicago House, and other modern styles. Although Domstad Italo Squad started as a DJ collective, they soon started hosting parties with artists such as Loud-E, Marsman, and Budino. The three Utrecht DJs also host a radio show at Stranded FM called Technological World (a reference to the track by Patrick Cowley) where they get to play records that they do not usually get to spin at the dancefloor.

We met up in their hometown Utrecht to talk about their story and how they manage to create a unique sound for their sets.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the second video with Domstad Italo Squad in which Koen, Nils, and Jesse will discuss their favorite records.

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