Top tracks: YOPO

Last month we published an interview with YOPO, our Artist of the Month. Today, we are talking to YOPO about the artists and the tracks that he has been following recently. Tune in to discover his favorite releases, from Ambient to Downtempo to Techno and House.


  • Haron – Optics E.P. – Hadouken – Tape Records Amsterdam  
  • Palta & Ti – Palta Og Ti På Den Tolvte Ø – På Hovedet I Seng – 12th Isle
  • Tala Drum Corps – Parade – Refraction-S – BAKK
  • River Yarra – FrogMania – Frogz ov Gondwana – Antinote
  • Khidja – Impossible Holiday Remixes – Die Wilde Spirale (Aufgang B Remix) – Hieven Discs
  • Eiger Drums Propaganda – Hare Krishna (B1-3)- Macadam Mambo
  • Phaserboys – Phaserboys EP – HAllo! – Aiwo rec
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