OG Karin – Artist of the Month

Introducing our Artist of the Month for June: OG Karin.

OG Karin is known for her sets at Keilecafe and Weelde, and is now part of the Weelde residency team. She spins different genres such as Breaks, Trance, House, and Electro, while always reaching for the experimental borders. And of course, she cannot resist the occasional booty poppin’ beat. Her sets are playful with misleading but recognizable sounds. Tune in for a selection of danceable tracks from the past and the present.”


⊳ Wednesday 9th June: Operator Radio (Rotterdam, NL)
⊳ Friday 18th June: Listening Session at CultureHub w/ FOCUS (Rotterdam, NL)
⊳ Thursday 1st July: Radio Punctum (Prague, Czech Republic)
⊳ Thursday 22nd July: Open Source Radio (Nijmegen, NL)
⊳ Date TBA: Maxi Radio (Leiden, NL)
⊳ Date TBA: Loose Antenna (Lausanne, CH)
⊳ Date TBA: Radio Alhara (Bethlehem, Palestine)

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