Pierrot – FOCUS Listening Sessions

For live listening sessions, we have teamed up with local initiatives CultureHub and FOCUS. Every month, upcoming DJ talent is selected to showcase their extraordinary taste and skills on the decks. This month, it is up to Pierrot to take control of the decks.

“I’m happy to have been invited to open up for my buddy Mowgli at a FOCUS Listening Session, and thereby got the chance to showcase some music from my shelves that ease my mind and inspires me. Although my sets somehow always consist of a deep break or intense passage that requires a bit of concentration and imagination from the crowd or listener, this set really triggered me to expand that momentum. Something I just can’t or rather don’t want to do in a club for an hour straight. I’ve chosen some of my favourites – a bit more light and easy – listening records and completed the selection with some more recent discoveries, each one representing a glimpse of the genres I usually dive in to.” – Pierrot

Brian McOmber – Mother of the Exiles, 12″
Marc Moulin – Tohubohu Part II (2005 Remastered Version), 12″
Remotif – Well Now, That’s Enough Serotonin For One Evening
Ruutu Poiss – Palav Aed, 12″
Trans-4M – Depth Probe, 12″
Nimoy – Pigeon Is My Prey
Art Wilson – Akasha, 12″
winsome – SUG002-A
Tapes – Summer Jam
Refreshers – Moving Up Dub
deem spencer – the bright side
Planet Gong – Humid Empire
Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version), 12″
Bambounou – Send When You Land

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