Arrocha – Radio Punctum

Every first Thursday of the month we host our residency show at Prague’s Radio Punctum. This month we have invited Rotterdam-based DJ, Arrocha.

“I was on my way home on the 7PM train. I was suddenly captivated by a pink light coming through the window. I soon realised that the sunset had turned the sky on fire in a way I had never seen before. I quickly started to look around, hoping that other passengers on the train had witnessed what I had just seen. Every single person had their eyes fixed on their phones. Not a single glimpse or curiosity towards the pink reflection. That same night I got home and recorded this set. I kept thinking about the way we use technology and how human interactions are becoming more and more robotic. I felt nostalgic, yet energetic. The result is a chaotic and wavy blend of sounds.” – Andrea Asg

All our previous episodes are archived on Punctum’s website:

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