Friday TV – Snackbar the Ambassador Live Set

Last November we visited WORM‘s event Snackbar (a night where musicians and music lovers can meet up after a long, bitter hiatus) to document artist SNACKBAR the Ambassador‘s first live performance in Rotterdam. We hope you enjoy it.

“After releasing my first single ”Iedere Dag Vakantie” on ESC.REC records in December 2020, and in meantime working on my forthcoming full length debut album Komkommertijd (release date t.b.a.), I started fantasizing about performing my music live in front of an audience. Due to Covid 19 there haven’t been many opportunities yet to perform out live. However, WORM offered me a unique opportunity to experiment and to try out new ideas on how a Snackbar the Ambassador performance could look and sound like. That night I was able to throw out unpolished ideas into the world, to see what sticks at the wall and what would get swallowed by the black hole forever. Having these kind of opportunities are crucial to my creative process, since they make me to come to a halt for a moment, share the results of my work with the world, and reflect on it.

Therefore I brought a bunch of gear and instruments, samplers and a looper, and took the freedom to spontaneously improvise on a selection of pre-produced grooves of yet unfinished songs. The latter I combined with a poem I wrote and used vinyl records (e.g. Rafale Toral – Space Elements Vol.1 & Staalplaat Soundsystem – Yokomono pro) as raw sound material to glue the whole show together. Looking back at it, it resulted in an eclectic and energy loaded performance that, occasionally would spatter out in all kinds of directions. This video document gave me lots of new insights and ideas on how to shape future performances and I am more than happy to share them with you. Every creative outing is a moment in time like a camera snapshot, that gives us insight into an ever evolving creative process of man kind. Never stand still, take risks, and keep on grooving.” – SNACKBAR the Ambassador


  • Intro improvisation
  • Improvisation II
  • Vrouw slaat Man (poem)
  • Komkommertijd
  • Love Song to the Self
  • Improvisation (Cumbia)
  • Iedere Dag Vakantie
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