Friday TV – The Low G Court DJ Set

Since June 2021 we have teamed up with local initiatives CultureHub and FOCUS to host live listening sessions. Every month, upcoming DJ talent is selected to showcase their extraordinary taste and skills on the decks. For November’s edition we invited the Rotterdam-based duo, The Low G Court.

“It is a privilege to still be playing during these new corona restriction times. The adaption to unknown and more intimate environments comes naturally as we enjoy sharing what makes us overall hale and truehearted. Our proximity in time and space with Every day is Friday and FOCUS created a possibility for us to think about our records as an extension and encounter of hope and possibilities. Mutation in form of dynamic between the public and us while striving further into our world and yours, jumping time lines as effortlessly as ethnographical landscapes. A game we invite you to join us with and play along, not knowing what the next movement will be about.” – The Low G Court


DJ Klapsalon – Freedom For Antboy II V.S. Mégaptère Ou Baleine A Bosse (Live Mashup)

Linkwood & Foat – Marina

Eddie Henderson – Connie

Bert Barten – Nuwa-Kojéha

Сергей Карапетян – Индз Ми Хндри

Lole Y Manuel – Todo Es De Color

Super Diamono de Dakar – Mam

Dany Play & Jacques Philippe – Quand Tu Partiras

Theatergroep Diskus – Ode

S.O.U.L. – Sleeping Beauty

Henri Salvador – La Vallee

Gary Burton – Las Vegas Tango

新崎純とナイン・シープス – かじゃでぃ風節

Noise Abroad – The Valley Of The Blue Moon

A Certain Ratio – Below The Canal

Ton Lebbink – Donker Is De Kalverstraat

Francisco Semprun Et Michel Christodoulides – Attente

Jean-François Vrod – Song For Gustave

OK Band – Rytmus Srdce

The Dream Academy – Test Tape No. 3 (screwed)

Bert Barten – Het Achterland

Cecilia Todd – Cuando Me Dejes

Nahawa Doumbia – Mogoya

Nitai Dasgupta – O Ganga Tu Bahati Ja

Gruppe Carl-von-Ossietzky – Vierzigtausend Söhne

Impuls – Sextant

Corry Brokken – Voor Mijn Dochter

Gloria Ann Taylor – Burning Eyes

Jan van Dijk & Ben van der Linden – Flowering The World

Kombi – Oczekiwanie Na Odlot

DJ Klapsalon – Le Tendre Et Dangereux Visage De L’Amour V.S. Disque Prive (Live Mashup)

Francis Lai – Générique Du Cinéma “Les Etoiles Du Cinéma”

Kool and the Gang – Heaven at Once

کورش –  ليلا

Paul Inder – On The Line

Fuat Saka – Ayşe

Miroslav Vitous – From Far Away

Steve Shehan – L’Initiation (Instrumental)

Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett – Mile High Swinger (version A)

Listen to the sets on SoundCloud:

A Friday TV video.

Produced by Marijn de Zeeuw

Filmed by Carlos Eperon Beltrán

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