REC. 10 – Toewan

For our tenth recording we have invited our friend and FOCUS Sessions founder, Toine van Mourik. Expect an hour of Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and Electronics.

“For this set, I’ve gone through my vinyl collection to find records I like to listen to with my eyes closed. So this is also how I would recommend people to listen to the set: lying on the couch, lights off, headphones on, not doing anything else. The mix ended up being much darker than I initially planned, which may be a reflection of the way the current Dutch lockdown is taking a toll on me (and everyone else, I suppose). For me the last month and a half has been a progression through different states of mind: frustration, serenity, exhaustion, boredom, neglect, hopelessness, and eventually, reluctant acceptance. I hope people can hear those emotions reflected in the mix.” – Toine

Design by Joep Hurkmans.

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