Glenn Hill B2B DJ Nofo – FOCUS Listening Sessions

For live listening sessions, we have teamed up with local initiatives CultureHub and FOCUS. Every month, upcoming DJ talent is selected to showcase their extraordinary taste and skills on the decks. This month, it is up to Glenn Hill and DJ Nofo to take control of the decks.

“DJ Nofo and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend and we immediately clicked musically. We have played a few back-to-back sets so far but those have strictly been in environments meant for dancing, so this was very out of our comfort zone. It took a little bit of getting used to playing for people sitting down and listening attentively, but once we got into it we really liked it.

We didn’t plan anything at all to keep it as spontaneous and unpredictable for ourselves as possible. We only knew we both wanted to play some ambient stuff in a setting like this, which we did at the start, but after that we went into all kinds of different directions, not knowing where we’d end, and it turned into us just enjoying each other’s music, which the crowd did as well as far as we could tell.” – Glenn Hill

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