doo-bop is the co-founder of the Low G Court and Club Bizarre parties and is also resident at Operator Radio. You could describe his sets as an adventure in sounds from the past that are way ahead of their time and deserve a place on our dance floors now.

When he was thirteen, doo-bop bought his first record at a French flea market. Now, eight years later, he is always looking for new sounds from the past. Pioneers in music from around the world, with a traditional background, experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and other Western sounds from that era, has always been a huge fascination for him. Also underground (non-US) disco and boogie from the 70s and 80s never bored him.

This results in an eclectic mix of highly danceable jazz-funk, space disco, outernational grooves, experimental italo, proto-techno and early electronics. And of course, Vinyl only.