Top Synth-pop tracks: doo-bop

Bob Leistra, known as doo-bop, is a 24-year-old DJ based in Rotterdam. He started collecting records at the age of 13 and has since built quite a collection of World, Electronics, Boogie, and Synth-pop. He is the co-founder of the projects The Low G Court (duo with DJ Klapsalon) and of Cub Bizarre (series of events and parties at Mono).

Last Tuesday we sat down with Bob to discuss his favorite Synth-pop records. From the Japanese Jazz-funk track Marilyn by Ryo Kawasaki to the late hours dance track Tristana (Wolf Remix) by French artist Mylène Farmer. We hope you enjoy his selection.


◻️ FG’s Romance – What’s Love Today (Belgium, 1984))

◻️ Spectral Display – There’s A Virus Going Round (Netherlands, 1982)

◻️ Elisa Waut – Russia (Belgium, 1985)

◻️ Bert Barten – Ogen (Netherlands, 1985)

◻️ Dominique Guiot – Motion (France, 1986)

◻️ Zwischenfall – Flucht (Germany, 1984)

◻️ Ryo Kawasaki – Marilyn (pitched -4) (Japan, 1982)

◻️ Rheingold – Computerbeat (Germany, 1984)

◻️ Mylene Farmer – Tristana (Wolf Mix) (France, 1987)

◻️ Sound By Sound – Metal (Netherlands, 1985)

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