A nonprofit platform in search of new musicians, filmmakers, DJs, and artists.

Every day is Friday started in 2019 in the city of Rotterdam. Our goal is to find, promote, and support upcoming creators from around the world. We do this by producing original content such as interviews and short reports and by hosting shows at radio stations such as Operator Radio, Dublab, and Radio Alhara.

Since 2019 we have curated many cultural events at well-known venues and at unique locations. At these events we organize interesting blends of music, filmmaking, and contemporary art, with lineups that combine both established artists with new and local talents. We also document and publish many of the performances at our events to provide artists with greater visibility.

If you would like to reach out to us with feedback or ideas for projects, send us an email at contact@everydayisfriday.blog

Stay tuned to our website and socials for the latest interviews, radio shows, and news on our events.