IO, known as Iona Fulton, is a British artist and DJ who after growing up near Leicester moved around the world before settling in Rotterdam. Her artist practice is centred around music, clubbing and their importance to individual and collective health.


Gymnasty (Haris Belgic) is a fresh name in the merging scene of The Hague. He’s known for playing fast but funky rhythms. Haris explores the connection between slapping rhythms and an improvisational approach.

Funkyard Soundsystem

Funkyard Soundsystem has been at the heart of the Amsterdam music scene for almost ten years organizing heart felt soirees, bringing together the most preeminent artists of the genres in an ever evolving and growing scene of good music and wondrous musical aspirations.

Bobby Boycott

Born and raised with hardcore punk always playing in the background, Bobby Boycott now approaches DJ’ing from that same perspective. Expect heavy but highly danceable electronics with a hint of punk.


doo-bop is the co-founder of the Low G Court and Club Bizarre parties and is also resident at Operator Radio. You could describe his sets as an adventure in sounds from the past that are way ahead of their time and deserve a place on our dance floors now.

DJ Nofo

DJ Nofo is a vinyl nerd who brings you electro, breakbeat, and techno as well as other bangers and soothing ambient moments. He is Utrecht based but was born in the dreamy hills of Switzerland where he discovered electronic music.


Pierrot is a DJ and collector from Rotterdam with Flemish roots, born in the 80’s. His sets, shows, and mixtapes are based on fundamental sounds collected over the years.

Glenn Hill

Glenn Hill is a DJ, record collector and musician from Rotterdam and crew member at The Listening Club.


Toine van Mourik (Toewan) has been a musical glutton from a young age, consuming all that crosses his path. By always being on the hunt for new, mind-bending and extraordinary sounds, his taste is broad and frequently shifting, which is reflected in his sets.

The Low G Court

The Low G Court has been observed from mother earth. In orbit around our blue planet a pulsing asteroid with a different atmosphere, a crisp remedy to your corporel envelop.


Lebollet was born in Córdoba, but now lives in Madrid. Lebollet currently has a weekly residence in the heart of the Spanish capital. He is able to merge his repertoire with rhythms such as Disco, Chugging, Italo, Electro, EBM, Postpunk, and Darkwave.

Bella Hall

Bella Hall is a Swiss DJ based in Rotterdam. She is 1/5 of the all women DJ collective AMPFEMININE which aims to create opportunities for minorities within the DJ scene.


Coming from a classical background, Marie always strives to tell an emotional story while at the same time creating energy that makes people want to move.


Being born in the very late years of the Soviet era, in sunny Uzbekistan, Ninalash has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old. She became familiar with the European electronic music scene during her studies in Spain.


Imhotel roams the fields that connect Downtempo Hip-hop, Trip-hop, Bass, IDM and even Footwork. Eerie soundscapes, synths gone mad and glitchy rhythms welcome you into his world of Psychedelic beats.


Winterdagen is a Dutch neo-classical group fronted by composer Mink Steekelenburg. After releasing their debut EP on 1631 recordings, they have built a following through live apperances at Dutch festivals such as Oerol, Motel Mozaique and Grasnapolsky.

Adrian Marth

Adrian Marth is a DJ and producer known for being a driving force in Barcelona’s Electro and Italo disco scene. He is the label owner of Italo Moderni.


Fillide aims to create a journey through different musical ages and cultures mixed with an electronic base that links with Disco, House or Techno.


Arrocha covers a wide terrain of musica. In a nomadic way, she explores different electronic genres and collects an array of tracks.


Rotterdam-based DJ who loves combining rap and rave. Tjetjoebetja started 2 years ago with turning tables on an old controller.