Due to the current Corona virus situation, our beloved Hostel Room is unfortunately no longer the busy meeting point it has been. For the first time in years, the whole building was ours. So we made a short film.

Here it is, ‘’ALONE?’’; a project produced, filmed, acted, and edited by just three people.

Every day is Friday started as a short movie based on the story witnessed by a fellow team member. After completing ”The French Waterfall”, we started work on our second short film during the summer of 2018. As the project got more ambitious, the team started to expand.

We spent months writing an original story that would later be divided into 3 episodes (Every day is Friday – The Season). We have just completed the first one and soon we will start recording the next.

Check the video below to find out more about the project.

Original short films made in the summer of 2018

Two friends, beers, cigarettes, and a sunny dutch afternoon by the river.
Ted aims to host the event of the week by inviting his international gang of friends to his house party. However, it did no quite go as expected.